Changing Profile Pic – A New Hobby !!!

Way back during my school days when someone used to ask – What is your Hobby ?, answer was very much among – listening songs, watching movies, hanging out with friends, playing cricket, web-surfing, reading books, cooking, coin collection, stamp collection; which went very well with definition of Hobby – an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. With evolution of social networking and instant messaging, people now days spend most of their time in checking status updates which hardly matters in their life, liking pics which are not even worth viewing, commenting on posts just to show that they are active users and messaging friends just to time pass rather than with an intent of getting into a constructive conversation. The more it is helping to stay connected with people who are far away, the more it is catalyzing the process of creating distances with one’s who are around you.

This all has now become a vital part of one’s everyday life cycle. Only after you are done with all this important stuff, your actual leisure time starts. I would say that some are very unlucky to not have their own leisure time since they have lot of friends to take care of and even 24 hours in a day are not enough for them. These people eventually end up in becoming part of their friends leisure time, which will do, since in some way they are contributing significantly to society and to themselves. These people are now so used to these things that they don’t even think out of the box and are very happy and satisfied with what they are doing. Few lucky one’s, which are not that socially active, manage to have their own leisure time. Even they are not able to escape from this dense web of social network and instant messaging and look for some interesting stuff within same web to kill their leisure time. This is where they develop interest in their own Profile Pic (Display Pic) and work constantly to make it better everyday.

On a social network, profile pic is what represents you and in today’s world, it tells everything about you. As per current standard – profile pic should change periodically and it should be completely different that what you have already used. While former rule applies to both boys and girls, latter one is more specific to boys, since it does not matters what profile pic girls upload, on an average 100 plus likes are obvious and girls are used to take these likes as compliment. Girls change profile pic more often than boys and this event happens generally during weekends but it is result of hard work and determination which has been put everyday. General process of changing profile pic can be divided into four steps : Step 1 – to click the pic which may or may not be a selfie, Step 2 – the most difficult part to select one pic from bunch of pics clicked in step 1, Step 3 – to upload the pic and Step 4 – to monitor it for couple of days and change it if response is not as expected. This algorithm might look easy but is much more difficult than Dijkstra’s algorithm that solves the single-source shortest path problem for graph. All these steps take lot of your leisure time and keeps you busy and excited at the same time. Most of the people have accepted this challenge and have started taking it seriously. Taking into account the amount of time one spends in changing profile pic, one can say that it has eventually developed into a Hobby.

Today is Sunday and lot of people have already changed their profile pic. It’s time for you to make a move on and find out what people think about you new profile pic. All the best !!!


2 thoughts on “Changing Profile Pic – A New Hobby !!!

  1. I completely agree, some of my Facebook users change their pics daily, it can be so frustrating. Good post

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